The increasing demands and pressures of the the times are challenging. What modern life has offered to you as “normal” can leave you feeling like a zombie - drained, emotional and constantly chasing after things in a state of urgency. 

Now, more than ever, it’s time to wake up.

The Kundalini Institute for Applied Living is your vehicle to achieving human excellence in all areas of your life. We are here to give you the clarity, tools and support to create a life that actually fulfills you.

How to set yourself up for a breakthrough

  • Establish your daily personal practice—even if it’s only a few minutes a day.
  • Connect and go deeper with our global community, online & offline.
  • Experience your most elevated life.

Hi, I’m Shama Kaur. In Arabic ‘Shams’ means sun and ‘Sham3a’ means candle, put them together and my name means the one who shines the light of her inner soul. 

Originally from Egypt, I am a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer. I am also a Health and Wellness Mentor.

Since the age of 25, I have been pioneering in teaching Kundalini Yoga throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

I create yoga programs to support humans reach their excellence in all areas of life.

My classes offer a powerful combination of asana, breath, meditation and chanting that leaves students uplifted and empowered.

My programs will provoke and elevate you to discover new realms of energy and inspire you to experience the joy of going beyond barriers in your own practice and life.